Blindfold and boots

“On your knees,” his voice commands me.

I kneel before him. “Arms straight out in front of you.”

I raise my arms shoulder height in front of me. He walks out of the room. I hear him in the distance but he isn’t in my line of sight. Time feels like its slowed down to a crawl. How long had it been? Five minutes or an hour? My shoulders grow weak from holding my position. Just as my bad shoulder begins to scream in agony, he returns.

“Arms down.”

“Thank you, Master,” I murmur as I lower my arms. He steps behind me and puts a blindfold on me. I love blindfolds. The fear of not knowing what is coming, knowing I have to listen very carefully and trust his words to be my guide and those things all turn me on.

I feel him move in front of me and I hear his fly open. I instinctively open my mouth and stick my tongue out. His hand finds the back of my head as he guides me to his cock. I take him into my mouth and suck his semi hard cock. His cock stiffens fast and he forces it all the way down my throat. I gag but dare not pull away as tears trickle down my cheeks. He grabs my hair and removes my mouth from him. I pant as he forces me to all fours.

“Lick my boots.”

My pussy twitches at his command. This is one of the most submissive acts for me and I immediately search out for his leg with my hands. As soon as I found his leg, I lowered my face to his boot and began licking it like my life depended on it. I taste my salty tears fall onto his boot and I lick them up savoring the salt and leather flavors combined. As I moved my tongue to the instep of his boot, he flipped my skirt up and hooked his finger into my wet pussy. I’m pretty sure his foot felt my moan as a second finger penetrated me.

I moved to his other boot after I licked his first boot front to back. He pulled his fingers from my pussy and slid it to my ass. I wiggled in anticipation as he teased my eager asshole. He roughly stuck a finger in my ass with only my cunt juices as lube. I whimpered into the tip of his boot. I licked and kissed my way around his boot before he yanked his hand away from my ass.

“Get up.”

I stood on my wobbly feet. He grabbed my elbow and turned me to the bed so I was on all fours in front of him. His cock pushed at my pussy and slid right in. He leaned forward, grabbed both of my wrists and my face fell to the bed. He pulled my arms back and used them as tools to thrust deeper into me and pull me back onto him. I growled uncontrollably with each thrust.

He pulled out of my pussy, grabbed a fist full of hair and pulled my mouth to his cock. “I want you to taste you on me.” I moaned with his cock in my mouth. We tasted good together. He shoved his cock further into my mouth and began to face fuck me. I had tears streaming down my face as he came in my mouth. His cock twitched and filled my mouth so much that I had to swallow twice to make sure I got it all.

He released my hair and removed his cock from my mouth. I felt him plop onto the bed. He took my blindfold off and pulled me onto his chest for some post coital cuddling.

I asked him how it was and all I got was a nod and a tighter squeeze. I always take it as a compliment when he can’t stand or speak for a few minutes after his orgasms. When he finally regained the ability to speak all he said was “thank you.” That was all I needed to hear to make my heart melt.

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