Reviewing Vamp Silicone’s Elvis aka Sparkle McGlittercock

While I was at AVN in Vegas a while back, I made my rounds through the novelty toy halls and one exhibitor of silicone dildos kept catching my eye…Vamp Silicone. I had to stop and talk to the exhibitors and get more information about their products and what I found out made me swoon. Vamp silicone dildos are made of 100% silicone, they are created by artists and sex educators and its a woman run company. These things combined all add up to make wonderful products that perform amazingly and are beautiful cocks to look at.

I spoke with Pieper and she was very much into fixing me up with the right cock for me. I told her I love balls on my cocks, I love to use them for strap on play as the fucker as well as fucking myself silly with them. Pieper handed me a clear cock with silver glitter in it and recommended I take Elvis for a ride. Silver glitter Elvis?! How perfect of a cock to get while in Las Vegas!

I took some time to investigate what Elvis was all about and I was pleased with everything I found out by looking, feeling and reading up on it. Elvis is measured at a solid 6″ x 1.5″ which makes him able to be enjoyed vaginally and anally. Elvis is really crafted for g-spot and p-spot stimulation which is always full of win. Elvis is also packing a nice set of balls that are designed to be worn outside of the strap on harness which means I am free to teabag at will which makes me very happy. Seriously, who doesn’t like to say, “Lick my balls” whether they are real or not?! The Elvis is solid, meaning he doesn’t have flex or bend like some silicone cocks, but this just ensures that the g-spot/p-spot can be accurately assaulted (in the best way possible) every single thrust. So yeah, Elvis does a lot of the work for you and I’m all for that when it comes to getting myself and my partners off in mind blowing ways.

When I finally had a moment to spare and time to have a wank, I pulled out Elvis (or as I’ve re-named ’em, Sparkle McGlittercock) and set out to try it out. I lubed it up (use water based lube only as silicone lube can bond and deteriorate the quality of your silicone toys) and worked it inside of myself. I double timed myself with my hitachi on my clit and Elvis in my pussy and I was quickly brought to a squirting orgasm. I hadn’t expected to orgasm so fast or with such force, but I am in no way complaining. The Elvis was a great fit for me and stimulated my g-spot, but all of you that know me know that I am not just satisfied with testing toys in my pussy…I *HAD* to stick it up my butt too.

Elvis is a nice size for anal action. He is a little thick but not super girthy to the point of a painful entry. I was already warmed up from my previous orgasm so I had an easy time of getting it in my butt with lube and the help of some clit stimulation. Lemmie just say that Elvis felt as good, if not better, in my butt. I had another orgasm that left me a spent puddle of girl goo.

I regret to say that I have yet to use Elvis on another party, but it will happen soon enough and when it does, I will be sure to update this post with more information on its performance and hopefully, some sexy pictures of it in use.

If you are looking for a new toy (or five) to add to your arsenal of sex toys, check out Vamp Silicone. Vamp Silicone has a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors, anal oriented, strap on compatible and everything else in-between. You can also follow them on twitter @VampSilicone.

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