My FixSation-Reviewing the couples vibe

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a new product called the FixSation couples vibe. The idea behind this couples vibe is that it is a non-invasive clitoral stimulator that can be worn during sex to enhance the pleasure had by the woman. There aren’t many toys that are aimed at being a couples toy during intercourse. Sure there are tons of toys that you can use with your partner like cock rings, vibes and butt plugs, but not many are able to stimulate the clit while still allowing full access for sex itself. Thats where the FixSation couples vibe comes in.

The FixSation couples vibe comes as a kit with the vibe, a charger (no batteries needed for this toy) and a pair of “panties” that the vibe works with. The panties aren’t your standard type of panties at all. The way the panties are worn is almost like a jock strap. There are two clasp like things on the back side of the panties that are supposed to be removed in the back so the straps can be threaded through the vibe before being returned to their secured spot on the back of the panties. This design allows the vibe to be adjusted to the desired position as well as holding it securely in place for hands free fun. It may take a couple minutes to thread the straps through the vibe so make sure to have this all done before the heat of the moment strikes.


The FixSation vibe is a delightful design. Its shaped to cup the clit and it doesn’t get in the way of the person on top doing the fucking. The FixSation couples vibe is made for the missionary position so the FixSation wearer is on the bottom.  The purpose of this is so the vibe wearing person doesn’t have to shift the vibe around and the one on top adds a wonderful rocking motion on the vibe which each thrust that delivers another enjoyable sensation.

Be warned that you do need to charge your vibe for about 8 hours prior to its first use. True, that may be a little inconvenient, but the vibe can run up to about 2 hours on one charge so its a fair trade off. You can tell the vibe is charging because the LED light under the ON button will blink and it will stop blinking when the vibe is fully charged. Once you have the FixSation vibe charged and ready, hold the ON button down for about three or four seconds and this will turn it on. It is designed to have this delay aso it wont get turned on if its in a bag or the ON button accidentally gets tapped. The FixSation vibe has three different speeds (all adjusted with one hit to the ON button) so you can pick your pleasure.

So now that I’ve told you what the FixSation is all about, its time to tell you about the fun I had with it. At first, I was slightly worried about the panties being too fragile but they held up just fine. The vibe really did contour to my clit wonderfully. It was so nice not to have to have my hand down holding the vibe in place while my partner was on top of me. Between the constant stimulation to my clit while having sex, the rocking motion of the vibe from the thrusting and the highest vibration setting, I totally came all over my partner.

I did try the FixSation while I was on top and lemmie tell ya, that is damn nice but the vibe doesn’t stay in place as well. I wasn’t expecting it to work perfectly in that position since that wasn’t what it was designed for, but it still brought me to yet another orgasm so take from that what you will.

The one and only problem I had with the FixSation vibe is that it did manage to pinch the skin of my hood piercing but that only happened once and it was annoying but not agonizing. The rest of the time it gave wonderful vibrations through the piercing which I believe added to the reason I got off. Don’t take that as a reason not to get the FixSation as I have had the Hitachi Magic Wand do the same thing. Its just something to be aware of, so adjust your piercing before putting the FixSation vibe on and going to town and you should be just fine.

The FixSation couples vibe is a wonderful addition to the bedroom. It wont be for everyone due to limited speeds, needing to be charged and the fact that its not ready for use the second it comes out of the box, but I can say it was definitely worth taking the extra time for all of those for me. I had a fantastic experience with the FixSation couples vibe and it has come out to play with my partner and I at least three times in the last week for us. Its effective, easy to clean and it is definitely something I recommend so go check out their website here, if you want more info on how the FixSation couples vibe works click here and you can follow them on twitter @MyFixSation.


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