Reviewing the Joya Natural Silicone Dildo

I do so love when someone approaches me with a toy to review. Its even better when they chose me because they know I will try it out in every possible orifice…er, I mean way. This is how and why I was presented with the Joya Natural Silicone Dildo.

The Joya Natural silicone dildo caught my attention with the unique design. I won’t lie, the shape of it immediately made me think of a squid with one tentacle that will zero in on the clit. I am not bothered by this thought…I think the tentacle sex toy stuff is kinda hot. Anyhow, the Joya Natural Dildo is actually a great concept. It is a non-vibrating dildo that is designed to be inserted into the vagina (and I will cover how it is for anal so don’t worry) and the little finger that sticks out stimulates the clit. I did have to smirk because the instructions for the Joya Natural say to insert it and grind on your partner’s leg or pillows. Pillows? Can I really be reduced to being a pillow humper for pleasure and sex toy reviews? The answer is yes, yes I can.

The tapered design of the Joya Natural makes insertion a cinch. The shape was odd to look at but not bad to feel inside me. I think I would prefer a more phallic shape as I like a lot of g-spot stimulation, but don’t write this off just yet if you feel the same. Once I got the Joya Natural in place, I adjusted the external appendage and got busy humping a pillow. The ribbed part on the appendage added some sexy stimulation while the bulbous tip (which has a smiley face…seriously!) spent some quality time getting to know my clit.

While I did enjoy the sensations, the pillow humping wasn’t enough to get me over the edge. I grabbed the Hitachi Magic Wand, turned it on and placed it on the external appendage. That was such a good idea. I was air humping while I went to town on myself. The Joya Natural dildo conducts vibrations magnificently which I appreciate, especially on my clit.

I stopped myself from having an orgasm as I had other plans for the Joya Natural. Thats right, it was going in my butt. Again the tapered shape helped make insertion easy. The ribbed appendage was now massaging my “taint” while the bulbous end of the appendage was still poking away at my clit. I resumed using the Hitachi on the external part and within a minute I had a wonderful orgasm that left me speechless. Its true, I dont orgasm as easily as many women I know, so I haven’t been able to use the Joya Natural to orgasm without the aid of vibrations on my clit, but the sensations are still marvelous.

The nice thing about the Joya Natural silicone dildo is that its just as good to use with a partner who may be too spent to lend much more than a leg to be humped as it is to use solo. It is made of high grade silicone so the clean up is a snap and that is always a good thing. Since it doesn’t vibrate, its waterproof so it can be enjoyed in the tub as well as the bedroom or any other various places that ya like to wank. If this sort of toy is up your alley then be sure to check out their site here and have a look around. You may be pleasantly surprised by what you discover…I sure was.

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