Daddy=taboo and I fucking love it!

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I know the “Daddy” relationship is a kink that usually gets strong reactions from people. It seems to either be “Ew, that’s disgusting. I could never do that. It’s just too creepy” or “ZOMG! I love having a Daddy!” Having a Daddy isn’t for everyone and that is fine, but just because it isn’t your kink, don’t bust any Daddy lovers balls about it. If you don’t understand it, for fucks sakes, just ask! Most of us that are open about having Daddies are willing to talk about it. To each his/her own, but I happen to be one of those Daddy loving kinks and I am very happy about it.

I was thinking about all the different degrees and types of Daddies and listed those that popped into my head:

Non sexual
Just when getting laid
Just to appease partner
Just cyber chat
In it for the incest/taboo
Actual D/s style
Just in scene
Leather Daddy
Female Daddy

It isn’t to say that these various types can’t be combined and overlapping. If I missed some Daddy types don’t get hissy, just let me know or write your own post.

The joy I get from having a Daddy is something hard to explain yet its so simple. It’s safety, unconditional love, happiness, taboo role play that stimulates me beyond belief and so much more. I always call my partner Daddy because that is what he is to me. Daddy is his name to me.

Wanting a Daddy was something I’d craved since I was 13. For those wondering, I have no Daddy issues. I have an awesome bio Dad that was/is always there for me. And no, I have no desire to have any sexual relations with my Dad. I have always been a Daddy’s Girl so I suppose its no surprise that I still am, though in a dirty way now. Maybe I was just looking to keep that bond or love in my life forever. Maybe I am just a pervert that gets off on taboo things. I’ve always dated guys 15-30 years older than me so Daddy aged types are engrained in me . Hell, I don’t really care why. I just know what I like and I really like having a Daddy.

At 23 I sought out and found a Daddy. I’d called a couple other people Daddy before, but this was different, this was real. This was a 24/7 Daddy/girl dynamic. It’s sexual but not always. It doesn’t usually involve age play but it will from time to time. It’s rarely D/s oriented though it was at some point, but the way it is now is what works for us. That is what life is all about, really. Finding what works and rolling with it.

Something I find interesting with Daddy relationships is that so many Daddies have a few “littles” or bottoms of sorts and most littles don’t have multiple Daddies. I say fuck that. I look at it like poly, one Daddy may not fulfill all of ones needs so why not have another Daddy? It is something very intimate to me but I am not opposed to having another Daddy. Do I want or need another 24/7 Daddy? No. A Daddy during scenes? Sure. A disciplinarian Daddy? That would be fantastic. All that said, I am content where I am but if another Daddy type sauntered into my life I wouldn’t say “No, sorry. I already have a Daddy,” any more than I’d tell a suitor “sorry, I have a partner.” No, I would talk to them more, discuss it with Daddy and go from there just like a poly situation.

I don’t mean to ramble on and bore you so I will wrap this up by saying that I love that I have found a Daddy. He loves me for who I am and not even my dirtiest fantasy squicks him. That is love. I just appreciate that sharing this taboo kink (and embracing it myself) is just another perk of being a kinky, poly and sex positive pervert extraordinaire.

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4 Responses to Daddy=taboo and I fucking love it!

  1. Misha says:

    Very interesting! I have never really wanted a Daddy, but this is a dynamic that I am really very curious about. I can certainly relate to the thrill and trust and excitement of sharing and mutually accepting a taboo kink. That by itself makes it very hot. 🙂

  2. I was hesitant at first, but now that I am a daddy, It is hot!
    I only have one little girl, and she is all I need.
    We do have kinks that are not each others kinks, so we go elsewhere for them.
    I think that this is such a taboo kink, that after this, most everything else pales by comparison.
    So my little girl is 19 and I am 47. Physically, she is young enough to be my daughter, which makes it even more twisted and fun I think.

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  4. Lesley says:

    Hello there. I was unaware that there are so many sub-categories in the little girl/daddy relationship. For some reason I was under the impression that it was all or nothing (I don’t for the life of me know why) and it was this that put me off of the kink, but seeing your list up there has been a happy revelation. The idea of having a Daddy floats on the fringes of my thoughts, popping up now and then and I can’t deny that I find the thought comforting and more than a little arousing, but I’ve never been brave enough to look into it seriously. (Ah, thats probably the source of my misconception right there.) Nor would i even know where to begin if i ever managed to pluck up the courage. But the idea of curling up next to my Daddy on the couch at night just does all soughts of wonderful things for me.

    I imagine you’ve already read it since I found you through her Portrait of Kink surveys, but in case you have’nt Remittance Girl has written a wonderful Daddy kink piece that i enjoyed very much. Perhaps you might like it too:

    Nice meeting you,

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