The way he eats my pussy leaves me feeling drunk and euphoric. I am writhing on my back as his face is buried in my pussy. His eyes catch mine and mine snap shut with the pleasure he is giving me. It is intense. I am overstimulated but only in the best ways. 

His tongue darts over my clit, his teeth so close but so far away, his breath hot on my cunt. I eagerly shove my pussy on his face more. His finger slips inside my pussy and I moan. A second finger follows and he massages my g-spot firmly. My body twitches in happiness. A finger is taken from my pussy and put at my ass. He pushes firmly and his finger eases in as my ass opens up to take what he gives.

He finger fucks my ass and sucks my clit. I felt my orgasm mounting and this both pleased and baffled me. I hadn’t orgasmed from oral sex in about 6 or 8 years. It wasn’t due to lovers not trying, but it just didn’t happen. The thought quickly flashed through my mind in the moment, but it was soon gone as waves of pleasure penetrated my soul.

I came in his mouth. *I* came in his mouth. I *actually* had an orgasm from oral sex.

I came so hard, tears formed in my eyes. I was come drunk. I was in orgasmic bliss and awe of the man that made it happen….but he wasn’t done. His tongue continued to manipulate my clit and a second orgasm wracked through my body. I collapsed in a spent heap. I had never, ever, ever, ever experienced two orgasms simultaneously…until now. And there he was, between my legs, smiling up at me.

I couldn’t talk. I couldn’t think. I could barely recognize that I was on planet earth…on second thought, maybe I wasn’t right then. In time, I came back into myself and regained the ability to speak. Im pretty sure it was mostly just babbling and “thankyouthankyouthankyou,” but it was speech and that was a step in the right direction.

Later that night, I began to wonder two things:

  1. Was some wall broken down that I can now orgasm from oral sex?
  2. Oh crap…was it just a fluke? Was that just the one orgasm via oral sex that I will be granted every 6-8 years?!

So y’all understand that I needed some follow up on this. The next day we decided to give it another go. I am proud to report that I found myself, speechless and in awe yet again though this time it was “only” a single orgasm (which thrills me to the core). Wow, just…wow.

All I can say is patience and time will pay off. Thank you, Master.


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