The down and dirty truth

Captivating title however I don’t plan to get into serious “dirty” details.

People have been asking whats going on with me lately and I have kept it mostly to myself, but its time to spill the beans. The down and dirty truth is that my life is sucking in epic ways. I know many people are dealing with life sucking and I am no different. This is not an erotic truth, erotic story or anything else…I am just a regular person spilling my guts online like many others.

Many people know me as a happy, easy going kinda girl (which I usually am), but life has seemed to have turned on my easy going nature.

I am currently going though a divorce (I’m not going to spill out the whole story of the split between me and the ex so don’t bother to ask), im living with my soon to be ex-husband, im in a bit of debt because of it, I’m struggling to take care of myself and my dog (Marlowe) and last, but not least, my dad has colon cancer.

I have taken a couple trips to go see my dad lately and it costs money that I don’t have, but since he’s decided not to go through treatment, the time we have together is limited. I can’t afford to keep going to visit him but at the same time I can’t afford to not go see him.

I do have a regular job, but its not enough hours to allow me move out and support me and the pooch at the moment. Every day is rough. Sharing a studio so small that I have to share a bed with the soon to be ex husband is not ideal for either of us to say the least. I am grateful he is letting me stay with him and I try to pull my weight in cleaning, cooking and keeping to myself when I can’t help financially.

Ive always taken people into my home and life when they need help. I have given others more than I’ve had to give and I have literally given multiple people the shirt off of my back.  I am not a materialistic person. I donated most of my clothes to goodwill/salvation army many years ago, but these days I’ve found myself in need (not want) of new clothes and shoes for work. Recently some special people have helped me out and I am in awe that anyone cares enough to help me and I’m glad to call them my friends.

So this has all been cause for my absence online and the general public. Life is kicking me while I’m down, but I have hopes that what goes around will come back around for me and things will ease up.

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