Freedom in Surrendering

I was thinking I needed more dominance in my life. I almost tweeted it but I figured I’d talk to him about it first before he found out online though I’m not sure he checks my feed anymore (its not trouble in paradise as much as NRE has passed onto standard stuff, life is busy, work is crazy and schedules have kept us apart lately).

He must have sensed something because last night was something I needed but sure didn’t expect.

We were in my car. He sat in the passenger seat cooly and I turned to him. He met me in the middle and our lips met. His lips are the softest lips I have ever felt against mine. I can’t get enough of kissing him.

His right hand gripped my throat and he commanded, “Give me your tongue.” I obeyed with a “Yes, Master” and he sucked my tongue. I moaned and he squeezed my neck harder.

“You like it when I choke you, don’t you?” I managed a nod but he didn’t continue until “yes, Master” crossed my lips.

“You feel most free when I make you surrender.” I nodded. He hit the nail on the head. As soon as he said that, I knew this was going to be an intense session.

His left hand worked its way down my back and into my pants. His fingers easily found my wet slit and he slipped a finger inside me for a second before he moved it to my ass. He forced his finger into my ass causing me to moan into his mouth more.

He released my throat only to free his cock from his trousers and guide my mouth down onto him. He finger fucked my ass as I sucked his cock. My cunt twitched uncontrollably.

Soon a second finger dipped into my dripping cunt before moving to my ass and penetrating me hard. I whimpered but he knew I liked it and wanted more by my moans and the added enthusiasm in which I sucked his cock.

He pulled me up for air and a deep kiss before he wrapped his right hand around my neck so his thumb was on the back of my neck, his palm was on the side of my neck and his fingers wrapped around the front of my neck as he forced me back down onto his cock.

“You like that don’t you?” I managed some noise which he knew was a yes, but he pulled me off his cock and I whined. He asked, “Excuse me?” I blurted out, “Yes, Master” as I fought to get his cock back into my mouth.

My lights dimmed as he choked me and I forced myself deeper onto him. His cock filled my throat. His hand choked me. His fingers deep in my ass. I was in heaven. I was on the cusp of an orgasm for 95% of this time we spent together.

Every time he eased up on my neck, I forced his cock further into my throat. Choking was the name of the game tonight.

We synced up and went for broke. He roughly finger fucked my ass, choked me harder than ever and I sucked his cock like it was my sole purpose in life, and to be honest, at that moment it was my sole purpose.

He came in my mouth and choked me until I was about a second away from blacking out. His grip eased, but his cock kept twitching and pumping more come into my mouth until I wondered if my little mouth could hold anymore and then it stopped. I swallowed him down and ran my tongue over him one last time before planting myself back into the drivers seat of my car. I was completely disheveled and half undressed, but could do nothing about it. I felt too high to move. Scratch that, I was too high to move.

Neither of us spoke for a while. I rolled the windows down to get some cool air and defrost the steamed up windows as we both attempted to recover.  We were eventually able to make words and decided sleep was necessary after an event like that.

For feeling like I needed more dominance in my life, that sure was a good start. Fingers crossed that fun stuff keeps up so I get to enjoy it and I’m inspired to share more.

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