Crystal Delights Double Pop (please don’t stop)

Corny and terrible title? Absolutely.

Corny and terrible toy? Never.

Every time I get a package from Crystal Delights, it feels like my birthday. I look forward to the moment where I can rip into the box that I know holds something near and dear to my heart…butt toys! Every toy from Crystal Delights is a work of art and the Double Pop is another fine example of just that.

CDT Double PopStraight out of the bag, the Double Pop made my desire rise. The shape is in the name. This toy has two tapered “pops” on it the first one being smaller and increasing in size on the second pop.

Its no surprise that I was beyond eager to get down to business.

The Double Pop gives a wonderful feeling of being filled but not uncomfortably so. With a couple minutes, some lube and a hitachi, the Double Pop was a significant part of a very wet and very squirty orgasm. I don’t know of a better review for a sex toy than a ridiculously solid orgasm that leads to a puddle of lady goo and that is exactly what I experienced.

CDT-DoublePop1Crystal Delights Toys never have let me (or my orgasms) down. They are always a piece of sex toy art, perform as beautifully as they look and help deliver some of the most powerful solo orgasms that I have ever had.

Sound good?

Well, you too can enjoy such wonderful toy educed pleasure too! Just hop on over to and check out all the amazing goodies and tell ’em Minx sent you 🙂 You wont be disappointed!

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