Crystal Delights Crystal Minx Faux Fur Edition

CDTCM-FauxThat is right folks, you read that correctly! The Crystal Minx now is available in faux fur. I have written about the Crystal Minx tail plug in a few posts such as: Reviewing the Crystal Minx, Care and Cleaning of the Crystal Delights Crystal Minx, The Crystal Minx part 2-Show me some tail! and last, but not least, 2012 AVN Award Winner Crystal Delights Crystal Minx Tail.

So with all of that Crystal Delights Crystal Minx goodness previously mentioned, I am not going to rewrite everything, but I will cover the basics for ya all.


CDTCM-faux 2Crystal Delights Toys doesn’t make a shoddy product. All their plugs and toys are full of amazing. I don’t back every product out there. I have turned down reviewing things because there is no possible way it would turn out well for the company asking for the review, but I will *NEVER* turn down the opportunity to test and review a Crystal Delights Toy.

The glass work is immaculate. The shape is perfect. The base is perfect and whether it be swarovski crystals, fur or faux fur, the end result is nothing short of breathtaking every single time.

CDTCM-Faux plugIf you are curious about anal exploration, are an experienced bum lover or even somewhere in between, Crystal Delights will always have something beautiful that you can wear and enjoy and the Crystal Minx faux fur is just further proof of that.


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