Crystal Delights Blueberry Juicer

Crystal Delights Blueberry Juicer.

CDTBlueberryJuicerIt brought up some vivid thoughts for me and I suspect it may have for you reading that as well, but allow me to clear it all up: It is as awesome as it sounds, but there are less moving metal poky parts than you may think. Okay, okay, there are no moving poky metal parts nor does it have to be plugged into the wall to enjoy. In fact, plugging it into your or someone else’s bum is where the real enjoyment is.

Juicer2Something that may be the first you will notice about the Blueberry Juicer is that it has a small extra appendage. This little fella worked in a couple ways for me and both were pleasant. The shape of the Juicer model allows for this little arm to enable a twisting motion for added sensation play and stimulation for insertion and/or removal. The second part I loved about it was that it made a nice little handle if I decided that I wanted to get a little thrusty with the Blueberry juicer and of course, I *did* get thrusty with it. I kind of see it as the unicorn horn of/for sex toys.


CDTJuicerAnother feature that deviates from the “norm” of Crystal Delights butt toys is the head of the toy. The Blueberry Juicer is much more phallic shaped and thus feels more like penetration of a cock head than a tapered plug. I just so happen to love that so its is pretty much a supercharged butt toy for me which is full of win and by “win” I mean “orgasms.”



JuicerThe Crystal Delights Blueberry Juicer does have some wonderful groove like additions on the shaft of the toy that act as the grooves when it comes to the “screwing” and “unscrewing” while using the toy. I found them extremely enjoyable as a thrusting sensation, more so than the twisting in motion, but that’s just me. I recommend you go to Crystal Delights, order a Juicer plug, give it a try it for yourself (as a giver or receiver) and experience a new and wonderful toy that may lead to some delightfully juicy orgasms like it has for me.




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