Crystal Delights Makes Lube? Oh yes!

Oh and what lube they make! I use my fair share of lube for various reasons (I will leave the details of that up to your imagination) and when I was told Crystal Delights had a lube, I was keen on giving it a go.

LubeI am a little wary of testing out lubes as there are times that some lubes upset my pH balance and as any girl will attest to, the result of a messed up pH level is no fun. With that said, I know Crystal Delights doesn’t make a shoddy product and I wagered the lube was still on par with that.

I was not disappointed.

The CrystalD Lube was wonderful. It is a water based lubricant that works well with condoms and toys. It is not a sticky feeling lube and it didn’t leave a greasy residue spot on my sheets when I managed to use a little more than intended.

For years, I have stuck to a few lubes due to my personal preferences of not liking the sticky lubes and of course the ones that leave greasy stains on sheets or clothes aren’t my favorite either, but now I have a new one that I keep by my bed.

To check out Crystal Delights Lube and everything else awesome they have to offer, click here.

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