My name is Minx and I am a spanko. I am a masochist, but first and foremost I am a spanko. Many people like spankings but I love them and the *twue* spankos that give them. I am not hating on non-spankos, but I have a deep love for OTK (over the knee) hand spankings. It was my first discovered kink and will always be one of my favorites. As a teen I remember any TV shows or cartoons that had threats or actual spankings were exciting and made my stomach flutter. Even overhearing the threat of a spanking from frustrated parent at a grocery store to a petulant child was enough to make me blush and get me wet. Not much has changed, I am still a sucker for a good spanking. It is one of the few kinks I have that I prefer to be the bottom (heh) to most times *if* it is done right.

Being a spanko makes it difficult to be spanked by just anyone. I can say I am a bit of a spanking snob at times. In my little brain, there is a correct way to spank. I can’t speak for other spankos, but I know what turns me on isn’t just the spanking itself. What turns me on is the ritual, the pushing of boundaries, the act of being hauled over a lap, the embarrassment of a scolding and the humiliation of being punished in such a childish manner, the warm up and the eventual lowering of panties to continue the spanking on the bare…yeah ::squirm:: that is what gets me going.

I will push and taunt and tease to test the limits of the top. I will try to back pedal furiously when a spanking is about to happen. I will struggle, beg, plead and promise the world to save my poor bottom from the torture that is soon to come. The truth is, I don’t want it to stop. It is part of the game. I need to earn my spankings, I need to be reprimanded and scolded and I need to be pulled over a firm lap and taught a lesson. Sometimes I want to be spanked to tears. It is cathartic to be able to let someone push my limits until I can let go.

A *twue* spanko sees all those signs without having to be told those things. They know when I am being a brat. They know when I am deliberately pushing them and trying to irk them. They know when to call me “young lady” or use my first *and* middle name and that makes me blush so much my ears burn. Spankos know how to make me squirm and blush. They know how to keep me squirming, how to threaten me with a proper spanking and then follow up on those threats. Spankos know how to give a proper warm up. They know how to make my “sit spots” tender as a reminder of naughty behavior. Spankos know how to get to the seat of the problem ::giggle::

I have also found that I don’t require sexual play to enjoy a spanking which is rare for my kinks. Yes, it gets me excited and I don’t mind a good fuck to accompany my spankings, but I can be just as satisfied without it. Sexual things can be thrown in to make it more humiliating and I do adore that, but I don’t need anything sexual to accompany a spanking. All I need to enjoy a spanking is a strong presence, a firm hand and some one who wont give in at the first moment I beg and plead to behave.

Spankos warm my heart and my bum. That makes for a happy Minx.

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