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Swinging, kink and why I chose polyamory

Back in the day (about 7 years ago) I started to get into the idea of open relationships. Like most people, I started out monogamous, but I have been around swingers other ethical non-monogamous types since I was 15. Once I’d … Continue reading

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Daddy=taboo and I fucking love it!

I know the “Daddy” relationship is a kink that usually gets strong reactions from people. It seems to either be “Ew, that’s disgusting. I could never do that. It’s just too creepy” or “ZOMG! I love having a Daddy!” Having … Continue reading

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As I walk in the door he seizes my throat with his hand. He pulls me in by my throat, shuts the door and slams me up against it, pinning me. My eyes go wide as he squeezes harder.  He … Continue reading

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