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Worth the wait

“I’m ready to own you” he said. I paused not sure if I heard him right, “Huh?” I so elegantly asked. He put his arm over me, “I’m ready to own you.” I grabbed him tightly and tears streamed down … Continue reading

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La petite mort-A M/s story

His hands slid over my body. He traced his fingers from my cheek, down the side of my neck, over my breasts, down my stomach and teased my inner thighs. I shut my legs, trapping his hand. He gave me … Continue reading

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D/s, being collared and owned, OH MY!

Having a dom, being collared and being owned are all different things to me. I know many people feel once they have a dom they are collared and owned and thats fine, but I personally don’t work that way.

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As I walk in the door he seizes my throat with his hand. He pulls me in by my throat, shuts the door and slams me up against it, pinning me. My eyes go wide as he squeezes harder. He … Continue reading

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