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At His Feet

He stood over me. Above me. I was on my knees, eyes downcast, my naked body before him. He said nothing, but petted my hair and face gently. I melted at his touch. I spoke boldly, “May I kiss your … Continue reading

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Maui Kink’s Twisted Bitch

I generally am not a fan of being flogged since the impact doesn’t have enough sting to meet my masochistic needs. I am proud to say I have met my match in the flogger category and my worthy opponents name … Continue reading

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My name is Minx and I am a spanko. I am a masochist, but first and foremost I am a spanko. Many people like spankings but I love them and the *twue* spankos that give them. I am not hating on non-spankos, … Continue reading

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