Minx Grrl

Minx Grrl has been kinky since she could remember, but didn’t walk into the public scene until 2003. Minx’s kink repertoire is constantly growing and evolving. Minx has done some work organizing and directing a puppy play themed shoot for The Upper Floor of Kink.com as well as a casting couch shoot with Hogtied.com and a shoot for The Training Of O. You can find her on Twitter @MinxGrrl, and her FetLife profile is here: fetlife.com/users/190138 and last but not least, Tumblr http://minxgrrl.tumblr.com/. She has openly embraced her kinky and sex positive lifestyle and encourages others to do the same.

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  1. clubgenx says:

    Minx…… Your amazing and sexual beyond belief…. The visions and thoughts that consume my mind, the sting in my hands, the pulses of pain that turn to pleasure, all while I envision your being… your have captured my thoughts and fantasies…. Your amazing…

  2. Would you be interested in doing a video review of our product?

  3. Rebecca says:

    I was hoping I’d find you. We met at the Njoy booth in pasedena in July.
    I lost your card but would love to keep in touch (Greg Delong says ‘hi’!)

    Shoot me a mail!

  4. Hi Minx Grrl,

    just wanted to say you are fantastic. Along with crossdressing, I have had a bit of an animal fetish throughout my life especially hermaphrodite anthropomorphs (bit of a mouthful!). Anyway, I stumbled across your site and pics, and you are stunning. You have an amazing body, I love your tails and your all round sexuality. You inspired me to get a fox tail as well, indeed my GG friend did get me one and I loved it.

    You are truly an amazing creature!


    • MinxGrrl says:

      That is a mouthful but Im always glad to learn about the folks that stop by my little site.

      Thank you for your kind words. I am glad you enjoyed my site and I am glad I was able to inspire you a little 🙂 Keep having fun and I hope to keep seeing ya around my site!

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