My FixSation-Reviewing the couples vibe

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a new product called the FixSation couples vibe. The idea behind this couples vibe is that it is a non-invasive clitoral stimulator that can be worn during sex to enhance the pleasure had by the woman. There aren’t many toys that are aimed at being a couples toy during intercourse. Sure there are tons of toys that you can use with your partner like cock rings, vibes and butt plugs, but not many are able to stimulate the clit while still allowing full access for sex itself. Thats where the FixSation couples vibe comes in. Continue reading

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Reviewing Vamp Silicone’s Elvis aka Sparkle McGlittercock

While I was at AVN in Vegas a while back, I made my rounds through the novelty toy halls and one exhibitor of silicone dildos kept catching my eye…Vamp Silicone. I had to stop and talk to the exhibitors and get more information about their products and what I found out made me swoon. Vamp silicone dildos are made of 100% silicone, they are created by artists and sex educators and its a woman run company. These things combined all add up to make wonderful products that perform amazingly and are beautiful cocks to look at. Continue reading

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Blindfold and boots

“On your knees,” his voice commands me.

I kneel before him. “Arms straight out in front of you.”

I raise my arms shoulder height in front of me. He walks out of the room. I hear him in the distance but he isn’t in my line of sight. Time feels like its slowed down to a crawl. How long had it been? Five minutes or an hour? My shoulders grow weak from holding my position. Just as my bad shoulder begins to scream in agony, he returns. Continue reading

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Masque review

I know lots of people that love to give blowjobs and sadly one of the most common “complaints” from the giver is the taste of the semen. Guys, this isn’t something to take personal (which some guys do), but diet really effects how a man tastes and if he isn’t able and/or willing to change his diet and you aren’t willing to give up cock sucking altogether then Masque may be the key to your fellatio related happiness. Continue reading

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The importance of aftercare

The idea of aftercare is simple in words: give care to someone post scene. That care may be food, sweets, water, a blanket, cuddles or even just words. That is up to each person to decide what is needed and to communicate it as such.

Aftercare is far too commonly overlooked. I’ve even been told that “good” submissives and bottoms don’t need aftercare. I’ve heard bottoms told to “buck up” and “deal with it.” None of those things are okay in my eyes, unless that’s the negotiated dynamics or the submissive/bottom says they don’t need aftercare. Continue reading

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His finger teased my cunt as we were driving on the highway. We were going 65 but his finger was moving in slow motion. I gyrated my hips to try to move his finger inside of me. He knew my tricks as he firmly kept his finger at my wet and eager opening. I whimpered. Continue reading

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Toyfriend’s Rebel

I was lucky enough to get to choose from the original line of Toyfriend to review a toy. After mulling them over I chose the Toyfriend Rebel. I have had experience with an external oriented Power Toyfriend called Coney (which I reviewed here) but I was definitely up to test an internal oriented toy. Who am I to turn down a body safe silicone toy that feels velvety to the touch and wants to rock my world? Continue reading

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2012 AVN Award Winner Crystal Delights Crystal Minx tail

Many people are just becoming aware of the wonderful world of the Crystal Delights toys due to the Crystal Minx winning “Best fetish product” at the 2012 AVN awards. I was way ahead of the curve. I have been a Crystal Delights supporter for at least two years now and maybe that’s why the Crystal Minx is named after yours truly 😉 But in all seriousness, I am all about sharing what high quality sex toys are worth investing in and Crystal Delights will never be a disappointment in that arena. Continue reading

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Thank you, Master

We fit together like a puzzle piece. His hand on my throat like a snug collar. Our eyes lock. His voice penetrates my soul and I can’t focus on anything but him.

Thank you, Master. Continue reading

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Make me

I am a Spanko. Yeah, I know that this isn’t news, but at times I can be very particular about the spankings I want and crave. I am going to cover one of those types which I call the “make me” spanking. Continue reading

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