Worth the wait

“I’m ready to own you” he said.

I paused not sure if I heard him right, “Huh?” I so elegantly asked.

He put his arm over me, “I’m ready to own you.” I grabbed him tightly and tears streamed down my face.

“These are happy tears,” I stated. “I never thought I’d have this again with someone.”

I was telling my partner/owner why I hadnt been owned but once in my life (until now) and the following statement sums up much of me:

“I’d rather semi-patiently wait for what I really want, than just settle for what I can have right now.” Continue reading

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La petite mort-A M/s story

His hands slid over my body. He traced his fingers from my cheek, down the side of my neck, over my breasts, down my stomach and teased my inner thighs. I shut my legs, trapping his hand. He gave me a look and I opened my legs and released his hand. He scooted closer and spooned me and every touch from him awoke my mind and body. Continue reading

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Service with a smile

Once upon a time I hated service. I hated the idea of service. I had bad experiences with service. Then one day I met someone that made me love service. When I initially thought of service, I tended to think of scrubbing floors, cleaning, cooking and generally being commanded to do things that I took no joy from. I can be selfless, but if there is never any reward from being in service to someone, then I am not content. As you can guess, I am not exactly the definition of a kink/service “slave” that most people have. Most people I have come across think getting to do the task (which I define as service) is the reward but I need something more. I am not needy, but I need a “good girl” or some sort of acknowledgement that I have pleased whom ever I am completing a task for. If my only feedback is negative, meaning nothing is said if the task is done properly and instead only commented upon when something is wrong or not up to par, that doesn’t work for me. When I am rewarded, my desire to serve flourishes. Continue reading
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D/s, being collared and owned, OH MY!

Having a dom, being collared and being owned are all different things to me. I know many people feel once they have a dom they are collared and owned and thats fine, but I personally don’t work that way. Continue reading
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Do you want me to call you Daddy?

I had an entertainingly awkward conversation a while ago and it went something like this:

Me: “Do you want me to call you Daddy?”

Him: stunned silence. “Do you want to call me Daddy?”

Me: “Do you want me to want to call you Daddy?”

Him: Wait. What does that mean?

Me: “What do you mean ‘what does it mean?’ It means I would call you Daddy.'”

Him: “Explain what that means.”

Despite what this conversation may show, I don’t lack communication skills, but this caught us both off guard (yeah, interesting story that I wont go into) so I’m going to write this post with the thought that I can help someone else from having a silly conversation like the above one. I’m going to write about Daddies and some of the different roles they can play (that are of interest or I’ve experienced). Continue reading

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Crystal Delights Pleasure Paddle

I recently received a superb treat from Crystal Delights…a paddle! Yeah, yeah, I know, there are sooooo many paddles on the market, why get excited? If that crossed your mind then you definitely haven’t seen the Crystal Delights Pleasure Paddle. I got a chance to get my grubby little paws on one when I was at ANE a while ago. I was in lust. At first glance it is obvious that this paddle is a work of art. It is flawless. The colors pop and the glass is amazingly crafted and I couldn’t wait to be paddled with it. Continue reading

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The Crystal Minx part 2-Show me some tail!

I really love @CrystalDToys…not just the toys but the person. She is so wonderful and builds solid relationships with her clientele. A little while ago I got married and @CrystalDToys told me she was going to send me a new Crystal Minx tail as a wedding gift. Now *that* is a wedding present. Come on, I mean really, does it get any better than that for a kinky sex toy reviewer? I don’t think so.  Continue reading

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Mmm Mesh Catsuit!

I had a chance to meet with the folks of @WinterFetish (@nastrus and @TonyaWinter) a while back and I was excited to be able to get a chance to review one of their mesh catsuits.

Normally, catsuits aren’t the easiest thing for me to have fit like a glove with 34-26-36 measurements at 5’2″. With my measurements, most places require a larger size than my short body needs and it will also tend to have some excess material in other places so it rarely will fit like I want. Winter Fetish made sure to get my measurements and height and make sure that they had the right catsuit to fit my body and I was not disappointed when I slipped into it for the first time. Continue reading

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At His Feet

He stood over me. Above me. I was on my knees, eyes downcast, my naked body before him. He said nothing, but petted my hair and face gently. I melted at his touch. I spoke boldly, “May I kiss your shoes, Sir?” his voice deep but quiet, “You may.” Continue reading

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Care and cleaning of the Crystal Delights Crystal Minx

I’ve been asked by many people how I maintain my Crystal Delights Crystal Minx tails. The glass plug is easy to maintain. Before and after each use, I wash the glass plug down with antibacterial soap and warm water. I don’t use any drastic methods to sterilize it since I’m the only one using my Crystal Minx and the glass plug itself is non-porous (meaning bacteria doesn’t get in and make a home in it). Continue reading

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