ASLAN Leather Licorice Minx

Imagine my giddiness when I talked to ASLAN Leather and they were going to send me a harness to review. Can you imagine it? Well picture a smiling, giggly Minx and throw in some booty shaking and that was about my level of SQUEE! I had heard nothing but the most amazing compliments and comments about ASLAN Leather products, but more specifically, their strap on harnesses. From what I had heard, this was *THE* strap on brand to go with. Ya know what? Those people were so fucking right!!!

One of the first things that I noticed about the ASLAN Licorice Minx harness is how soft and supple the leather is. The leather almost has a velvety feel about it. As soon as I slipped the ASLAN Minx harness on, I knew it would be an amazing harness and I was eager to try it out. Continue reading

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Discipline and Reward

My fist was poised to knock but I hesitated. I took a deep breath and tried to quiet the pounding of my heart in my ears. The door opened abruptly and I saw the Headmaster staring back at me. I lowered my fist and instinctively grabbed the hem of my skirt and tried to pull it down more. I regretted wearing such a short skirt. Continue reading
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A “how to” guide for spanking

**This post is for adults interested in consensual and/or consensual non-consent that want to incorporate spanking into their lives or play**

When it comes to spankings (and most types of play) warm ups are important for a few different reasons. Warm ups are an introduction to the spanker and their technique as well as how the bottom will react to the spanking. It is an introduction to the physical nature of the scene taking place. Warm ups also allow the bottom (aka person being spanked) to endure more swats and generally more spankings=happier spankee if said spankee is a spanko like me. Warm ups also will keep the bruising at bay for a longer amount of time which can mean more play time if you tend to stop at taut skin or speckled bruises. Continue reading

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Spanking Minx: A Minx translation guide

Before the spanking

The bratting: If I am being a brat, chances are I am pushing to see how much I can get away with before you take action. Finding out how long you will take my brattiness until I get “the look” or a verbal warning with *that* tone…or no warning before I’m over a lap or knee. It is also my way of giving you a reason to spank me…in case just being me isn’t reason enough. Continue reading

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The Discussion

He leaned over and spoke into my ear, “How did you plan on corrupting me?” I froze. I racked my brain trying to figure out how he knew I wanted to corrupt him. My brain halted with one thought…TWITTER! Eep! He must have seen that tweet. I thought about playing it off, but something told me that he wouldn’t let it slide. Continue reading

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Facing the Headmaster

My phone went off in class causing a ruckus. The teacher looked up and saw me digging frantically through my bag to silence it. A few giggles were heard once I was able to silence it. I blushed, “Sorry.” He said, “There are no phones allowed in class. Give it to me.” I quickly snapped, “No, it’s my personal property. You can’t have it.”

He shook his head, “Your choices are to give me your phone or go see the headmaster.”A bunch of “oooooohhhhhs” echoed off the barren room. Not thinking before I spoke I blurted out, “Oh really? And what the fuck is he going to do about it? I silenced the call already. Can’t you just let it go?” With a sigh, he pulled a notepad from his desk and scribbled on it with purpose. He stood up and walked over to me. Quietly he said, “Go to the Headmaster’s office. I suspect he will figure out what to do with you.” I harumphed, grabbed the note, threw it in my backpack and promptly walked out of the classroom. I know some people see this as a negative thing, but I saw a free pass. I began walking towards the Headmaster’s office and quickly kept walking past it and out the doors out into the sunshine. I had just about made it to the street when I heard, “Where do you think you are going, young lady?” Continue reading

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The Villain punishes his bratty princess

Watching a cute girl get tied up, gagged, tickled, flogged and whipped while she is giggling and being sassy makes me smile. Todays clip that I am reviewing is Jade Inca Suspended and it has all of the above mentioned things and much more. Watching the ProVillain work her over made me want to see so much more. Continue reading

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The Unscrupulous Headmaster

I moaned, eyes closed. I was so close to orgasm. I fucked myself with my fingers and rubbed my clit faster under the covers of my bed. I was so focused on getting to my orgasm that I hadn’t heard the door open or noticed the headmaster standing in my doorway. I heard a booming voice, “What do you think you are doing, young lady?!” And just like that my orgasm that had been mounting disappeared. I pulled my hand out of my knickers in record speed and I scrambled to sit with my back against the wall. I was beyond embarrassed. I couldn’t even get any words out to defend myself at that moment. Continue reading

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Bondage and blowjobs? Yes please!

Its always a good day when porn is involved whether it be making or watching it. Today I sat down to watch some more Villain porn…@ProVillain porn to be exact. The clips I am reviewing are the Workplace Harassment clips featuring Amber Rayne. These clips can be found here. Continue reading

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Watching a Villain at work

One of the many perks of being in the adult industry and being a reviewer is getting to meet so many amazing people. Twitter has definitely done wonders for allowing me to meet with likeminded folks both online and in person. One of those fantastically interesting people I have had the joy of meeting (online and in person) is @ProVillain. For those who don’t know @ProVillain, he is a fellow pornographer, kinkster and all around awesome guy…er, villain. So I was filled with glee when he asked me to review some of his porn. Yes, its true, my life is awesome. Continue reading

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